Battles 6 & 7 Updates

Drowner Slain, Hackabooty captured, the Elves arrive

Game 7: Intef and Grandfather Drowner vs Elemonkurd and Telemaktr in beach head

The High Elven Lords Elemonkurd and Telemaktr attempted to land upriver to begin their campaign hunting down Bloodfist’s remaining generals. Evil allies from the deserts of Khemri, Grandfather Drowner and Intef, saw the danger and rallied to hold them off, ambushing the far larger Elven force as it struggles to make land.


Result: The battle was extremely close and hard fought with the Elves suffering heavy losses, each inch of ground bought with precious elven blood. With time running out the desperate Elves managed to break through and their opponents withdrew. Grandfather Drowner, veteran of many a battle and one of the most fearsome generals in Kislev, finally met his fate, run down and devoured by Elemonkurd’s dragon.

Game 7: Nazrethim and Kriss Hackabooty vs Intef and Gustav in monster hunt

His alliance with the Ogres in tatters, Intef attempts to ally with other evil generals but a collaborative effort to capture monsters and repulse the remnants of the crusaders broke out into full scale war, with Intef and Gustav on one side and Nazrethim and Kriss Hackabooty on the other.


Result: The combined forces of the undead seized the field. Nazrethim captured a hydra whilst Gustav bolstered his forces with manticore and Intef a preyton and a cockatrice. His bodyguard slain by the relentless Tomb Guard of Intef himself, Kriss broke and was captured by the ancient liche and dragged off to face a fate unknown.


Luke_Passingham Luke_Passingham

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