Setting the Scene II: Starting Positions

Here we have the starting position of the armies.

The Crusaders have managed some semblance of order. Though some, like Ulan and Yehudi’s banners, are scattered, most have not been totally dispersed. The High Elven Generals hold their boats near the port of Myskhako in the West. Most of the Dwarven banners have held together in the southwest, by the village of Pashinko. The various Wood Elves have hidden themselves in the pine forests.

The banners of Bloodfist’s army are far more widely scattered across the land, with no concentration of force. Septicimiucs and the Bloatfather hold together near the standing stones through which they were summoned. Bubonicus the Fetid and Ankesh holds the site of Bloodfist’s end itself, as the two were the closest to the final catastrophe who survived.

Finally, we can see the handful of new arrivals sneaking in from the edges. And Gustav, drinking at a lonely inn in the middle of nowhere.



Luke_Passingham Luke_Passingham

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