Setting the Scene: Northern Kislev

Being a description of the field of battle

The harsh climes of Northern Kislev are the site of this tale of blood and glory. This is a tough land of tough people, whose men and women, well used to the depredations of Chaos, are harsh as the freezing Winters.

In the northern edge of the map are the mountains of Norsca, settled with scattered Chaos-worshipping Norse tribes (Aeslings in the most part) who formed much of the core of Bloodfists’s army. In the East, at the foot of the mountains, lay the Norse “city” of Ungalya and its torture pits, the target of Wolfram Hertwig, Elector Count of Ostermark’s, armies. This was the site of Bloodfists’s camp and his final stand, an area now blasted flat by the foul magics that saw Bloodfists’s end.

South of this is the inlet of the Sea of Claws. On the northern side is the Norse port of Yttervik, which served as a rallying point for Bloodfists’s armies; it is now deserted. On the south side is the Kislevite port of Myskhako, a small fishing village that has grown in size to house the arriving crusaders, and is currently still berthing a substantial, though largely departing, Elven fleet.

The Sea of Claws is ringed by deep pine forests, and the channel inland is guarded by Fort Temnykholm; once a Kislevite stronghold long since captured by a Chaos worshipping Norse tribe, the Sarls. (Who formed the other part of Bloodfists’s army) The Sarls left the fortress to go to war; none know who controls Fort Temnykholm now.

To the East, though mere foothills compared to the Norscan mountains, are the hill-peaks of Sturen Ridge. East of here are the fierce Norse tribe of the Baersonlings, who largely ignored Bloodfist’s call; the Sturen Ridge and mighty river of Bolensk forms a natural barrier between their lands and Kislev. This barrier is guarded by the Kislevite Fort Bugotak. Again, its barracks were emptied in the Crusade so who knows who runs it now?

The centre of the map is largely empty Northern Kislevite grasslands, with a handful of small Kislevite villages eking out a living amongst marauding Norse Sarl nomads and, especially towards the Southeast, the fearsome denizens of the Troll County. Furthest to the southeast, and acting as a major fort against incursions of trolls, is the large Kislevite city of Leblya. It was marked as the first target in Blolodfists’s conquest but has been saved this fate, and at the moment is far too strong for any of the scattered armies of the crusade to threaten. At the moment…..

Finally, in the West lies the dank and vile marshes of Kalti, an ill famed place even the standards of this land. Somewhere within lies the Goblinoid city of Notlob.



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