Ankhesh, Scarab King, Tyrant of the Burning Sands

Undead Warlord


One of the last kings of Unefar, Ankhesh was also one of its cruellest, expanding the borders of his realm with merciless tenacity under the guidance of Hotep and raising blood-soaked monuments to himself across the city and beyond. As a young warrior he took the scarab as his personal fetish, and it is said he would have them sewn alive into the stomachs or throats of those who displeased him. Despite his cruelty it was in battle he was most feared, where he would lead his elite scarab guard into the thickest of the fighting, wielding vast blades that could hew through men and horses as though they were parchment, and it was said his blades shredded the very souls of his victims, casting their spirits to the winds of the desert and denying them entrance to the afterlife.

Finally murdered by his own consorts, he was entombed alongside a thousand of his fiercest warriors and anointed by the blood of a hundred thousand captives. Awakened by the powers of Queen Sagirah to battle Orcish and Dwarven invaders until her defeat, once freed from her thrall he retreated to his necropolis, content to revel in glories centuries-past until lured from his tomb once more, this time by the manipulations of the twisted high-priest Intef as a vassal to the chaos lord Borax Bloodfist.

For Ankhesh the cold battlefields of the Kislevite campaign has held no joy. The death of his enemies, once a source of great delight, has become a stale a mechanical task, like the hewing of so much wood. Eager to rekindle the glories of times past the Scarab King has pushed himself to the forefront of what fighting he can, leading his chariots in a charge that broke the lines of the Knights Panther on the third day at Ungalya where his Tomb Guard fought until the dead were piled around them four feet in height. The dissolution of the great horde has left him conflicted and confused, and when confused Ankhesh is prone to anger. Whichever path he chooses, it will be a bloody one.

GOAL A: Return to Khemri via the Sea of Claws, after first challenging and defeating a powerful foe

GOAL B: Be on the winning side of more battles than any other enemy general


Ankhesh, Scarab King, Tyrant of the Burning Sands

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