Bobbarris the Whisperer

Scheming Vermin


The fools, they wrought such power at the mouth of the whispering tempest. The Horned Rat was howling with anger, he must be appeased for Bloodfists stupidity. Those fools in Clan Skyre thought it was enough to side with power in the hope no-one took their precious warpstone away from them They risked a far more dangerous outcome. The horned rat is not pleased with the other clans. Oh No. They can plead for redemption at the plague alter if they are to serve the great horned one again.

The tempest must be secured, its mouth and its source the horned rat must be appeased with blood nothing else will avert the coming storm.

Bobbarris is single minded and paranoid , the tempest speaks to him in the language of Clangaas. It whispers to him secrets of the others. He must list yes he must. It tells him that no one is to be trusted oh no. They are all bad rats yes bad rats.

He is driven to protect the tempest at all cost having built a significant plague monastery at the sight, and securing many powerful artefacts he will stop at nothing to prevent the others from taking his prize.

Objective A: Shed blood at the sight of Bloodfists demise.

Objective B: Secure the mouth of the river the site of the tempest

Objective C: Defeat all other Skaven.


Bobbarris the Whisperer

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