Bubonicous the Foetid, Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Otherworldly Plague Lord


When news of Bloodfist’s demise reached Bubonicous a wet crackling laugh rose up from the disease ravaged flesh of the daemon’s throat. The distorted, inhuman sound was soon aped by the dozens of nurglings that scampered playfully around the Chaos warrior encampment. After months of taking orders and biding its time, Bubonicous was finally released from the magic that had been used to bound it to the service of the Chaos Lord and free to put its own plans into motion.

For months Bubonicous had been carefully positioning its troops so they were spared the worst of the casualties, preserving their fighting strength for when Bloodfist’s invasion inevitably failed. Thinking back , Bubonicous reminisced about how this tactic had worked so well; when he had usurped Hadamard the Warped’s ill-fated plan to ascend to daemonhood, ensuring that it was he, not that lackey of Tzeentch, who shed his mortal form and took its place in the realm of Chaos. Once again it sought to capitalise on the efforts of other lesser being to further its own ends.

Now nearly all the pieces were in place for it to orchestrate a campaign to bring Nurgle’s pestilent touch to the lands of men and dwarves. It would gather together the Skaven followers of the Horned One, as well as any others who revered the great plague, and use them to summon forth the Rot Wind. Soon all would feel Nurgle’s most virulent contagion course through their veins!

Objective A – Forge an alliance with any devotees of plague and pestilence (Skaven etc.).

Objective B – Conduct a ritual to bring the Rot Wind upon the lands of Kislev.

Objective C – Continue the invasion.


Bubonicous the Foetid, Daemon Prince of Nurgle

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