Dmitry Dmitrovich Turnthetelliov


Dmitry Dmitrovich Turnthetelliov is a very traditional, almost set in his ways, Master of the Runic Arts. To Dmitry Dmitrovich, traditions are paramount. The incursion of Chaos threatened to bring an end to the traditional trading port of the Clan Nikabollokhov, which in turn would sorely limit the work he could undertake and the research into the old days, before his clan moved into the Mountains.

Marching to war under the banner of Boris Yehudovich Nikabollokhov, Dmitry Dmitrovich was charged with marshalling the Runic powers of the Hold. As head of his household, he brought his own column of troops, forged in his personal views. No room here for gunpowder or the steam powered nonsense his younger sister insisted were the future, just good old fashioned dwarf steel and the intricate work of the ancestors.

Dmitry is a deeply learned scholar, but as with most scholars, he feels there is still more to learn. Thus he is eager to ensure that the sea port is secured for his ongoing research since he doesn’t trust to the swifter passage of his sister’s steam powered air couriers. His travels during the crusade have brought him into contact with many strange ideas on the use of magic, which viewed through Dmitry’s lens of tradition must have originated with his people. It is inconceivable to Dmitry that any items containing bound magics or powers of any kind could have come from any source other than the forges of his ancestors.

Objective one: secure the sea port

Object two: take possession for research purposes of any and all magic items he can find.


Dmitry Dmitrovich Turnthetelliov

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