Grandfather Drowner

Misanthropic Monstrosity


“They say there’s bodies everywhere up ‘ere now, more than even I could eat…Well I know someone who’s always ‘ungry and I means to feed him.”

Drowner is an absolute horror. A vast pallid mass of quivering flesh topped off with two piggy eyes and a mouth that can barely contain all its teeth. He is a priest of the Great Maw and a magical theoretician of surprising intellect. Having been thrown out of the Ogre Kingdoms he found passage through the jungles of the southlands with the famed trader Altandai. He subsequently repaid Atlandais hospitality by betraying him and subverting half his mercenary band to his own purposes. He likes to think he takes on a fatherly role with these new followers, though in truth his idea of fatherly seldom extends beyond eating anyone who won’t put up too much of a fight and drowning sick children.

In the deserts of Khemri Drowner came within a wisker of putting together enough ancient Slann lore to allow him to tear the world asunder and open a new mouth for the Great Maw. Following that defeat he travelled north and took up with the hordes of Borax Bloodfist for a bit of light entertainment. The situation has suddenly become a lot more interesting following the chaos generals demise. There are corpses everywhere and with that much concentrated death comes power. If maybe he could find a way of harnessing the magical energies still boiling in the aftermath of the explosion that tore through the chaos camp then the plan that failed in Khemri could finally come to fruition in Kislev.

GOAL A: Perform the dark ritual “The Feast of Fallen”

GOAL B: Revenge himself on any generals here that also opposed him in Khemri.


Grandfather Drowner

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