Gustav Totendvarg the Luckless

Ill-favoured Necrmancer


To have it all within the palm of your hand just to lose it in one fell blow. Or perhaps bounce is the correct term, well whichever it is, it is almost enough to turn a man to drink… actually, as it turns out it is enough to turn a man to drink, and with that in mind a somewhat dispirited Gustav fled the killing fields of his former allies and forces and hid himself away from the world that had treated him most unfairly. The one glimmer of hope was the pendant he had grabbed out of the pile of ashes that had been his former friend. Though what he was to do with it now was anyone’s guess. Something to think on whilst hiding in the corner of the dingy wayside tavern and honestly for one with his acumen the solution to all his woes will make itself clear shortly no doubt…
Apparently nearly being both burnt alive and/or being cleaved in half by somewhat overly enthusiastic warriors of chaos is very good at sobering a man up. Shame about the drink though. After Gustav had made his way to that remote tavern, he had failed to move on or indeed think of a reason to. Night after night he would sit alone brooding and drinking himself unconscious or with just enough sense to make it back to his room. The innkeeper didn’t really mind as long as the rent was paid and Gustav had funds that could have bought the building several times over. Best no one knew that mind. No, with drink in hand Gustav was content to just waste away in despair, and he would have too if not for the invasion of the Chaos forces. They swept through the area, destroying all they came across and the tavern was no exception, except this one did happen to have a necromancer lord inside. Ok, it was a drunk necromancer lord but still, dark magic came to his call when needed and the warriors had just provided a handy set of corpses to raise by killing the patrons and staff. It was still a close run thing however, fresh corpses are not the most agile of combatants at the best of times, surprise was more the deciding factor as well as some judicious direct spell usage. Though Gustav had saved his life, the tavern was all but a ruin. The drink left spoiled beyond all palatable use. What’s more Gustav could feel the pull of magic and it was strong, very strong. This needed to be investigated to see if it could be of use.
Slowly at first not to attract attention, Gustav began summoning the dead to him, it was a pitifully simple task as the factions on both sides had left plenty of their dead for him to use. There were ancient tombs and graves aplenty in the area for him to plunder, and plunder he did. Eventually he even had enough to make his own, ambushing or outright fighting the forces ranged against him – it had to be said most of these were of the chaotic persuasion but now and then there were those who did not take too kindly to a mustering of undead in the area. Though one can be sure they would not complain when the dead moved to oppose the chaos incursion, hypocrits. No matter though whatever is in the way Gustav will deal with and recover his lost glory.

Primary task – Discover the cause of the flow of magic in the area and use it.

Secondary task – Find a way to resurrect his friend Edvard.

Tertiary task – Destroy all dwarves in the area. Then raise them. Then destroy them again.


Gustav Totendvarg the Luckless

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