Ivan Mihailovich Youzhkanahlfukhov

Venegful Slayer


Like his cousin Yehudi Borisovich, Ivan Mihailovich Youzhkanahlfukhov followed his father Mihail Illyich Youzhkanahlfukhov to war, in defence of his people and their land. Although Mihail Illyich was older than Boris Yehudovich, the Youzhkanahlfukhov family are considered the lesser lineage in the Nikabollokhov clan. Mihail’s greater age and experience of war made him a most valued counsellor, second in honour to only Boris, the King.

In the final cataclysmic battle, the pincer movement these elder statesmen had devised came close to reuniting the two columns of the army. In the turmoil, Ivan Mihailovich was forced apart from his father as they were surrounded on all sides. Both skilled warriors, the youth of Ivan and his unusually strong oaths of duty to his father built a wall of death around him and his household, which ultimately worked against his aim. For each enemy he slew, and the count was mighty, it was merely another obstacle to reaching his father. As the fog of war swirled and cleared for a moment, Ivan saw Yehudi in the clear, yet moving away from both Mihail and Boris, seeming to be aware yet uncaring for their respective plights. Thus it was that Ivan saw the same events as Yehudi, from a different position; from where Ivan fought, now atop the wall of dead, he saw both Mihail Illyich Youzhkanahlfukhov and Boris Yehudovich Nikabollokhov cut down with Yehudi Borisovich standing idly by. For all the death he had wrought upon the enemy that surrounded him, it was as nothing to the carnage now unleashed by Ivan. Feeling himself responsible for the death of both his father and his king, Ivan added one more terrible oath to his list, that of the Seeker of Death. Pulling his helm from his head, he shaved the sides of his skull with his axe and with a strange light in his eyes he fell upon the enemy with renewed vigour, cutting a path towards where his father fell. By the time he reached the fatal spot, all that Ivan could recover was his father’s axe – the body had gone!

While fervently seeking death to atone for his perceived failings, Ivan Mihailovich retains his force of personality but has delegated all command to his son, Aleksey Ivanovich. Aleksey, Thane of his people, leads the army in a bid to stay close enough to his father to aid him in his quest and recover the same lost artefacts that Ivan Mihailovich seeks.

Objective one: Claim vengeance on Saurez for the death of his father.

Objective two: Claim vengeance on Ankhesh the Scarab King for the death of his cousin.

Objective three: See that Yehudi Borisovich is brought to justice for his part in the deaths of Mihail Youzhkanahlfukhov and Boris Nikabollokhov.


Ivan Mihailovich Youzhkanahlfukhov

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