Kriss Hackabooty

Black Orc Warboss


A grizzled campaigner from beyond the World’s Edge mountains, Kriss had long ago travelled to the west over the mountain passes with his tribe of Black Orcs. Since then he has taken part in numerous campaigns, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Fearsome battles have reduced Kriss’ personal guard of Black Orcs down to a handful, but he maintains a strong mercenary force of a variety of greenskin cutthroats and ne’er-do-wells that flock to his banner.

Kriss Hackabooty joined the terrible army of Borax Bloodfist early on as it headed south into Kislev; he personally agreed a contract with the vicious Grandfather Drowner. He fought hard and well and lost many of his mercenary army; when the final cataclysm came in Ungalya his own army was a long way to the south and west and was unharmed. Kriss had no particular attachment to the cause and would have packed his bags and made his way south except…

“Wait a second lads. I don’t fink dat Drowna geezer ever paid me.”

GOAL A: Kriss and his army are searching for Grandfather Drowner, one of Borax Bloodfist’s most fearsome lieutenants, in the hope that Kriss can get paid what he is owed.

GOAL B: To get the hell out of Kislev.


Kriss Hackabooty

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