Krovich, Foul Shadow, Bloodbeast of the Uboy Skota

Atrocity of the Forests


The creature known as Krovich has long been a horror of the people of Eastern Kislev. A great horned beast, bigger and heavier than any man with razor-fangs and claws and a thirst for blood, it is said fertile earth cracks and warps under his hooves and at his passing the very birds fall dead from their branches. Dwelling at the very centre of the forest of Uboy Skota he has been a terror of generations: careless lovers, lost children and desperate woodsmen who wander into his forest never emerge, and sometimes he and his dreadful kin emerge from the trees under the red moons to burn and kill all they encounter, for his thirst for flesh is insatiable and human flesh is the sweetest of all.

As Bloodfist’s legion advanced into Kislev Krovich was stirred by dark dreams from his thorny lair, gathering to his banner the awful creatures who dwell far from the sight of men until, at the moment Bloodfist attacked, the forests spewed forth his bestial hordes as a mass of seething hate and inhuman hunger that advanced ahead of the main force, despoiling the countryside and butchering all they encountered, until the horde was broken at Ungalya and most of the beasts slain.

Was it the primeval whispers of chaos in his black soul and that drew him forth, or was another intelligence at work, controlling the great beast? In truth there is more to Krovich than the savage man-eater he seems to be: possessed of a dreadful cunning, he seeks more than to sate his hunger on the battlefields.

GOAL A: Capture an enemy general in battle and sacrifice them in a foul ritual (enemy general must have a chance to be rescued first)

GOAL B: Capture a town on the map and eat everyone dwelling within (town must attempt to be liberated first)


Krovich, Foul Shadow, Bloodbeast of the Uboy Skota

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