Lord Elemonkurd

High Elf Prince


A high born Caledorian Prince, Lord Elemonkurd is normally a cavalry Commander, and has no doubt of his superior place in the world. Lord Elemonkurd is not a particularly military minded commander in terms of skills or strategy. But he rides swiftly and fears nothing, leading from the front to plunge his mount into the heart of the enemy.

Lord Elemonkurd was, perhaps due to his own impetuousness, left some way from the main fighting, his household troops guarding the landing ships of the Elven navy. As Borax Bloodfist’s army was destroyed, the Elven survivors came straggling back to their ships to return on the long voyage to Ulthuan. Lord Elemonkurd was, however, furious with disappointment – the Crusade was over and he had gained no chance for personal glory.

On that moment Lord Elemonkurd made a fierce oath – he would personally see to it that the job of the Crusade was completed and that Borax Bloodfist was confirmed dead and gone. He commanded that his household retainers would accompany him into seeing the Crusade done for once and for all; and done well. Therefore, as most of the surviving elf armies head to the coast, Lord Elemonkurd took his forces in the exact opposite direction, into the wilds of Northern Kislev.

GOAL A: Lord Elemonkurd aims to seek out surviving commanders of Borax Bloodfist’s army and personally slay them in combat. As many as he can.

GOAL B: To personally witness Borax Bloodfist’s body and ensure the villain is dead once and for all.


Lord Elemonkurd

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