Nathrezim Blackheart, Commander of Blackheart’s Reavers

Cruel Pirate King


Blackheart watched as the disparate elements of Bloodfist’s mighty hoard turned upon one another with what could only be described as glee. Former underlings were seeking to fill the power vacuum left by the Chaos Lord’s demise, by forging new alliances or by force. Some were looking to settle age old rivalries, others to avenge fresh betrayals. Fuck that shit.

The disastrous campaign in the desert had crushed out any aspirations Blackheart may have had for achieving political power and now Bloodfist’s death had robbed him of the chance for greatness on the battlefield. He was done with all the grand plans and mighty hosts, it was time to set his sights on more modest goals and the confusion and uncertainty rife on both sides presented opportunity for material remuneration for those willing to adopt the mercenary lifestyle.

There was one major problem that he needed to overcome. The black ark, Claw of Dominion had been sailing north, seeking to put as much distance between himself and the Witch King’s wrath as possible when they ran into the chaos flotilla on its way to supply Bloodfist with fresh troops from the Chaos wastes. Hopelessly outnumbered Blackheart had been forced to throw his lot in with the invaders, but they had impounded the Claw in the sea port to ensure the Dark Elves continuing loyalty. He was unsure who now controlled the sea port, but he had heard reports of Dwavern forces marching in that direction.

Objective A – Get to the sea port before the dwarfs and recapture The Claw of Dominion.

Objective B – Failing that… Everyone knows that dwarves love gold. Raise sufficient funds to persuade them to hand over The Claw.

Objective C – Finally – mix business with pleasure. Hunt down TeleMakater, skin him alive and use his hide as a decorative cover for a set of occasional tables in the main stateroom of The Claw.


Nathrezim Blackheart, Commander of Blackheart’s Reavers

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