Opmetnoc Agem

Saurus Oldblood


Opmetnoc is the bodyguard of the mightly Slann Xerud, and has been for centuries. And because of this, he is a strange and fearsome sight. Service of a master infused with an interest in death have worked a baleful influence upon Opmetnoc; he is clad in the heaviest ornamental bronze armour, bedecked with the shrunken and blessed skulls of fallen enemies, and wields a mighty axe of obsidian, thrice cursed. It seems almost as if a pall of amethyst magic surrounds Opmetnoc’s muscular, crocodilian frame. On the battlefield he is silent and calm, an immovable force, directing his armies with gestures, and has become death incarnate to the foes of his master.

Opmetnoc was sent north into Kislev via magical bridges to lead a Lustrian contingent, lending their strength to the battle against Borax Bloodfist’s great army. Did the Slann Xerud know how the battle would end? When the great cataclysm happened, the magical bridges anchoring Opmetnoc’s army back to Lustria were torn asunder and destroyed. The Lizardmen forces were trapped.

Surrounded by the fierce winter cold of Kislev the reptilian armies sought deep caves, killed the beasts that lay within, and set great fires to warm their chilly blood. There they wait now, patiently enduring until the fires run out and their blood freezes.

But Opmetnoc‘s mind remains linked to his master. He sits, silent, unmoving… until a command may bid him act.

GOAL A: To return somehow to Lustria, through magic means.

GOAL B: Unknown.


Opmetnoc Agem

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