Prince LaViet Vulbis, Chaos Lord of Slaanesh

Lord of Dark Pleasures


“The world is my oyster. It is a tender morsel ripe for the swallowing, that quickens the blood and inflames the passions. But first, one must rip its sweet flesh away from the protective shell.”

For Prince Vulbis, the invasion couldn’t end soon enough. Bloodfist had promised him slaves and fine plundered treasures; instead he had been forced to endure weeks on the march and bitter battles against well trained and equipped foes. Not the life of a chosen devotee of the lord of dark pleasures.

What Vulbis required now was a base of operations from where he could launch raids on the surrounding land for slaves and concubines. Tthe Dwarven women (and men) they had encountered of late had a… robustness that brought certain advantages in the boudoir, but the frost maidens of Kislev where well known for their icy charms. Charms that Vulbis wished to surround himself with. Maybe a harem… Better yet, a fortified palace where hot lust and cold cruelty could be indulged in.

Objective A – Capture a small town to serve as a base.

Objective B – Raid the surrounding areas for essential supplies (silks, fine wines and exquisite foods), concubines for the harem, materials and slaves.

Objective C – Erect The Pleasuredome for the greater glory of Slaanesh!

“We’re a long way from home… Welcome to the Pleasuredome!”


Prince LaViet Vulbis, Chaos Lord of Slaanesh

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