Goblin Warboss


In the marshy lowlands of northwest Kislev, on the western borders of troll country, lies a ramshackle shanty-town of Goblin origin; Notlob. Notlob is a squalid and slime ridden wretched hive of scum and villainy, ruled over by a sly goblin warboss, Scunforpe. Through a variety of greenskin warriors and a guard of fearsome trolls, and with the flexibility that comes from not minding if half the village burns down and sinks into the swamp, Notlob has managed to sustain itself despite the assaults of marauding Kislevite Boyars seeking glory.

When the terrible armies of Borax Bloodfist headed south, Scunforpe wasted no time and struck a deal with Borax Bloodfist’s lieutenant, Vin Skizzle, assuring the fearsome Skizzle that he would lend his forces to oppose Wolfram Hertwig’s great Crusade.

Scunforpe was lying, of course. Scunforpe kept his forces mostly out of harm’s way. When the final battle was joined, Scunforpe and the armies of Notlob were ordered to guard the western perimeters of the torture pits Ungalya. They put up a brief show of defending Borax Bloodfist’s western flank…. and scarpered.

In one sense, Scunforpe is well pleased with his plan. All he has to do is get his boys home, avoiding any of his former allies and foes, and make sure that Notlob is nice and secure. But Scunforpe also knows very well that the immense carnage unleashed in the fighting has left many a treasure just lying around in the grass….

GOAL A: To return to Notlob and defend it from any attacks.

GOAL B: To secure any great treasures and magical artefacts left by the decimated armies of Borax Bloodfist and the Great Crusade.

GOAL C: To stay well away from Vin Skizzle, who probably has a score to settle.



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