Septicimus, Tallyman of Nurgle


Time, it has to be said, has not been generous to Septicimus. Following the disastrous campaign in the Khemrian deserts and his subsequent banishment back to the realms of chaos, his existence has been somewhat fraught. Grandfather Nurgle himself took pity on the dejected Tallyman upon his return and sent him to convalesce in his garden. Meaning well as he so often does, the Greatfather did not really consider what the garden would do to poor Septicimus, for to be left alone in the garden of Nurgle is not the most pleasing of fates, even for one well used to enduring such things as Septicimus was. Time passed, no one was sure as to the exact length in that place, however his absence began to cause issues as the complaints and missing tallies became noticed by the other Tallymen and eventually by the Greatfather. Obviously Septicimus was blamed for shirking his duties by those looking to take both advantage and make sport at someone else’s expense. Trying to stoically endure the discomfort eventually Septicimus was forced to make some bold claims to keep his position and silence the baying crowds. He announced he would complete his portion of the tally and in doing so secure his post and the admiration of the Great Father! Such gusto and bravado is not uncommon in the Realms of Nurgle however and Septicimus thought after a few decades his boast would all be forgotten, alas the Greatfather heard with his own ears of the claim and chortling to himself “blessed” the endeavour, he sent Septicimus to the mortal realms to support the mortal champion Borax Bloodfist and complete the tally. What’s worse, one of the Great father’s equerries, the Bloatfather was sent to keep an eye on things! Now somewhat dejected all Septicimus can do is devote all his time to completing the tally lest he be recalled in failure, a task which he has set to with all the grim determination of one who has been very very foolish and is regretting their life decisions. Well. As much as a follower of Nurgle can regret a life decision. The subsequent conflict in the mortal realms saw a great many tallies to be collected yet still the end was not in sight, even the eventual destruction of the alliance means little for as long as there is conflict, there is a tally to collect. A grim fact that Septicimus knows all too well.

First goal: Complete the tally.

Second goal: Destroy any Lizardmen that happen to appear in revenge for Khemri.

Bonus goal! At least 10 tallies must be collected each battle lest Grand Father Nurgle recall him in failure!


Septicimus, Tallyman of Nurgle

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