Tatiana Dmitrovna Turnthetelliova


Tatiana Dmitrovna Turnthetelliova is the younger sister of Dmitry Dmitrovich, although she could scarcely be different. Forward looking and innovative, Tatiana defied tradition by showing and following a seeming natural aptitude for gears and engines and artillery. Rising swiftly through the ranks of the Guild of Engineers, Tatiana was the first acknowledged female Master Engineer in the Hold, although some say she should never have been admitted in the first place. For this traditionalist faction within the Guild, Tatiana has no time, seeing in them the backward ways of her brother.

She wants dwarfs to move onward and upward, using all technology available. As dwarfs at the peak of their respective arts, both Dmitry and Tatiana have followers in all four armies, admittedly on sufferance in their sibling’s army. Despite being as passionate about advancing the pace of technology as her brother is about sticking to the traditions, Tatiana sees the benefit of the old ways as long as they can provide something that her engineering cannot. If she can use engineering to bend the winds of magic to her will, or dissipate them, she will consider her life’s work complete.

Objective one: secure the sea port

Objective two: take possession for research purposes of any and all technological items she can find


Tatiana Dmitrovna Turnthetelliova

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