TeleMakater, Lord of the Beacon of ColdKall


When the crusade travelled North they requests safe harbour and provisions. Lord Telemakater was only too happy to oblige. His was the northernmost colony of elves in the old word, and he knew his duty. Wolfram Hertwig promised Telemakater that the crusades needs would be light, he should have know better of a human. Having emptied the grains stores, the treasury, and half of the barracks, the crusade moved on leaving Coldkall in a perioulous position.

His duty was to defend the northern passages from the traitorous depraved pirates of the witch elves. Now he could barely send out scout vessels. He was informed that a large number of black arks had passed through the northern passage to join Bloodaxe, this was unacceptable. The Elven council would not accept excuses, he must try to make amends as soon as possible.

Upon receiving reinforcements from the silver isle he set out with his loyal band of sea elves to limit the damage the traitors could do, and to seek redress from the lying Wolfram Hertwig. If nothing else he is persistent, talking to all who will listen at least once a day to describe how he will achieve compensation.

Objective A: To gain compensation from the crusaders for miss-selling the costs of their crusade.

Objective B: To defeat as many regiments of Dark elf pirates (reavers and corsairs)


TeleMakater, Lord of the Beacon of ColdKall

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