The Bloatfather - Bloatfeld

The Bloatfather


Whenever the Great father sends his sons to the mortal realm, it is always to bless the people they find with his greatest treasures. Mortals have such fleeting lives, surely it is up to those who have such great powers to make those lives as enjoyable as possible? To the Great father’s mind there is no better way than to treat them all to the plagues, viruses and diseases he has so lovingly created and the Bloat father is no different in his outlook, perhaps should one wish to look somewhat critically then perhaps you could say he is somewhat overzealous in providing his father’s gifts, indeed, perhaps gifting his allies with the nauseating venom pox at the battle of Vernon Manor was ill advised from a strategic stand point as the warriors and marauders slowly dissolved from the inside out over the opening phases of the battle, maybe one could say the blessing of noxious vision on the chaos outriders was poorly thought out as it quickly spread through the ranks, blinding all of them as they ranged ahead of the chaos force. Some darker voices even whisper that it was the reward given to Borax Bloodfist the day before his final battle that caused the eventual defeat. Who can say? Not that the Bloatfather cares one way or the other, to him, all should be blessed by his father’s gifts! This time however, he has been tasked with keeping an eye on the Tallymaster and ensure the work that he has been assigned is completed as quickly as possible. All this watching is unbefitting one such as he however and takes up far too much time – time that could be better spent blessing all those around him! Nothing could possibly go wrong letting the Tallymaster see to matters himself whilst he concern himself with more… personal projects right?

First goal: “Bless” as much of the strategic map / armies as possible.

Second goal: Ensure the Tallymaster doesn’t get into too much of a mess and completes his job.


The Bloatfather - Bloatfeld

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