Tsulda Tengri


It is hard to tell if the ogre currently being afforded this title by his followers actually chooses to go by this name themselves. Tsulda Tengri is a mythical figure from ogre folk lore. A mysterious hunter of whom stories have been told as far back as ogre histories can be followed. In the stories Tengri seeks out the greatest and most powerful beasts of the old world and confronts them head on. The same stories depict him as both warrior and wielder of wild magics, and those that follow him are often left perplexed by his motives. It is likely then that the mythical depiction of Tsulda Tengri harks back to the times before the arrival of the Great Maw when the ogres worshiped aspects of nature in its rawest and most brutal forms.

Following the destruction a Bloodfists camp an ogre force with no previous alliance to either side has arrived in Kislev and the rank and file of this force is calling their general Tsulda Tengri. From a distance he certainly fits the stories. A huge silent figure often riding some terrifying beast and wandering around with no discernible purpose. This adds an extra degree of complexity into an already troublesome situation for the other forces still in the region. Some see Tengri’s force as a further annoyance and one that should be destroyed at the first opportunity lest their unpredictable nature cause unwelcome surprises, others though see a powerful if temperamental ally.

GOAL: Personally defeat as many creatures with the troop type Monster as possible.


Tsulda Tengri

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