Ulan the Red, Prince of Fire


“Keep them torches burning lads, for the night is dark and full of trip hazards.”

Ulan has long wandered the old known world bringing the teachings of his firey master “The Volcano God” to ogre kind. After a successful campaign in the border Princes under Gazeer Khan, Ulan departed northwards with a band of trusted followers. Initially it was a series of dreams and portents that guided Ulan towards Kislev then he heard the call to arms of the Elector Count Wolfram Hertwig. Assuming that this was the cause to which his deity was guiding him Ulan offered his service. At first he seemed an uncertain ally among the forces of the free folk but his affable good humour and ferocity in battle soon earned him the respect of man, dwarf and elf alike.

Now that Bloodfist is dead Ulan had wondered where his wanderings might take him to next, but that pull that first brought him northwards has not dissipated, if anything it has grown stronger. There is something here that the Great Fire wants, some task not yet finished and Ulan knows he will not be allowed to rest easy until that duty is complete.

GOAL A: Find a the object that the Great Fire desires.

GOAL B: Ally with other mages with the lores of Alchemy or Fire.


Ulan the Red, Prince of Fire

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