Vin Skizzle, The Purple One

Clan Skyre Warlord


The Sickly Green light of the bubbling vat reflected of the metal studded face of lord Groot “How many are we on now” he sighed. “This is the fifth master” the underling paid for his honesty as a simple nod to Rattik and the Rat Ogre pummled the unsuspecting acolyte through the wall. “We should have picked better stock, but commited now, we are” he spat.

Turning to his the representative of Clan Moulder “Toorop, Can we speed things up” . “Well lord we have started several vats more, the other clans will not enter the warpstone mountain.” “They must not Toorop, it was pure luck that Bloodaxe called the asteroid from the stars, now it is here it must be protected. It is ours, OURS”

“Good Good, for I do not trust those of pestilence or the upstart MarzBarz”

There was a loud Schlop as a fresh Vin Skizzle fell from the vat still covered in the green warp infused ichor. Rapidly the clanrats clad him in the still bloodied raiment of his predecessor. “ I killz loadz” he roared. “That is good oh great warlord, just make sure you leave by the front door” Said Lord Groot somewhat dejectedly.

Vin Skizzle is a violent bully, an audacious general and a craven coward, as all good Skaven are. He represents the culmination of years worth of effort by Clan Skyre and Clan Moulder in cloning the fastest and most furious of the Warlord clans. He is tasked in his sleep by the lords of clan Skyre through the warpstone encrusted helmet he wears with his Jim Jams.

Objective A : Kill all other Skaven Generals

Objective B: Collect as many magical artefacts as possible as payment for Clan Skyre.

Objective C: Defend the Warpstone


Vin Skizzle, The Purple One

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