Yehudi Borisovich Nikabollokhov


Yehudi Borisovich joined the now dead crusade with his hold as the second in command, behind his father Boris Yehudovich. The elder Nikabollokhov joined the crusade for the same reasons as all good folks, to oppose the rise of Chaos and secure the lands around his Hold for his people. With his great comrade, chief counsellor and elder cousin Mihail Illyich Youzhkanahlfukhov, Boris split the bulk of the Hold’s army into two columns, to bring together in a pincer movement.

Sadly, Boris Yehudovich fell in the final, cataclysmic battle and despite his son’s valiant efforts, his body was lost in the surging tides of destruction. The leadership of the Hold and the Clan now fall to Yehudi Nikabollokhov by dint of his blood and his name. In the turmoil of battle, although the pincer movement put in place by Boris was successful enough to bring the two columns of the army within sight of each other, both Boris and Yehudi were surrounded by enemies and unable to help as Mihail and his son Ivan were similarly surrounded. Yehudi made a valiant effort to reach his cousins to bring them aid at the command of Boris, but the maelstrom of battle forced his path wide. Although he did not reach him, Yehudi saw Mihail cut down by the villainous Saurez and has sworn vengeance on this foul abomination. At the same time, his own father Boris Yehudovich was cut down by Ankhesh , against whom Yehudi has inscribed a more pressing grudge in his personal book of grudges.

Objective one: Claim vengeance on Ankhesh for the death of his father.

Objective two: return the Clan Nikabollokhov to their Hold

Objective three: Claim vengeance on Saurez for the death of his cousin.


Yehudi Borisovich Nikabollokhov

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