Intef the Impure, Thrice cursed of Sobek

Liche High Priest


A former high priest of the ancient kingdom of Unefar, Intef sat at the right hand of Hotep himself and advised many of the kings of Unefar on matters of peace and war. A keen architect it was he who drew up the plans of many of the greatest buildings of old Unefar: the coliseum, the temple to Set, the aqueduct, even the great pyramid of Hotep himself. Yet in his hubris he thought himself greater than the kings he advised, and he began to raise monuments to himself and fell ever more decadent. He employed a cadre of mysterious allies from across the seas to protect him, and filled his palaces with wine, women and intoxicants imported from far away lands. His depravity and perversity was whispered of widely, and under his guidance the once powerful dynasty of Unefar lapsed into decline.

When King Sobek the reformer took the throne he engaged in a fierce power struggle with Intef, eventually overthrowing the priest and having his strange allies burnt alive. Sobek bestowed three curses upon Intef, damning his family, his body and his soul itself. Intef’s family and servants were entombed alive, his line stamped out forever: the priest himself was ritually strangled and his body displayed publicly for seven days before burial.

Awakened from his eternal sleep by the power of Queen Sagirah at the behest of her Slann allies, Intef swiftly betrayed his Queen and aligned himself with the monstrous Ogre renegade Grandfather Drowner in a shared attempt to bring about a terrible apocalypse. Ultimately defeated, Intef fled Khemri and attached himself to the horde of Bloodfist as it swept south, but has taken little part in the fighting, instead pursuing darker interests afforded to him by the misery that followed in its wake. Impossibly ancient and malign, who knows what awful secrets he seeks to uncover amidst the blood-soaked battlefields and blasted ruins of Kislev, and where they might lead him?

GOAL A: Align himself with other followers of the gods of pleasure and perversity and conduct a terrible ritual

GOAL B: Locate the remains of a great hero slain in the final conflict and bend their spirit to his will.


Intef the Impure, Thrice cursed of Sobek

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