Bestest Skaven Warlord Ever


There are manymany Skaven in Bloodfist army. Big army, yes, many warlords, some of perhaps moderate strength and above-average intelligence. But none as mighty as Marsbarz!

Marsbarz is greatest of all Skaven warriors. Marsbarz is mighty – he once kill ten Dwarves just by looking at them! Marsbarz stronger than greenskins and puny elves. Marsbarz eat smaller Skaven for breakfast and rat ogre for lunch! All bow before Marsbarz!

Marsbarz also cleverest Skaven, makemake many inventions. Marsbarz design cannon, almost never explode! Marsbarz create special Doomwheel, impervious to all damage (sadly Doomwheel destroyed when sabotaged by cowardly enemies of Marsbarz – stupid fools!!!). Marsbarz make rat ogre bigger and stronger with inventions, heroically send them to their deaths. Marsbarz great leader, use mighty intellect to give other, lesser Skaven his creations (Marsbarz also kindest of all Skaven, but most modest too so not mention that here) – enable them to kill many enemies, most also not killed in process! No-one is as clever as Marsbarz!

Marsbarz come forth from comfy burrow, join Bloodfist army, smashsmash weak humans. Kislev very cold and bright. Marsbarz present at final battle, see terrible conflict from cunning position 3 miles from frontline (Marsbarz also tactical genius), realise Bloodfist army all finished. Marsbarz make tactical withdrawl. Time for epic Marsbarz journey home, crushing all who would oppose the might of Marsbarz. First though, Marsbarz must scour site of final battle, sate vast intellectual curiosity. What cause massive explosion and blow up big stompy heroes? Can it be found and harnessed by clever and handsome Skaven warlord, turned on Marsbarz enemies? Surely so! When Marsbarz enemies all reduced to smouldering ash Marsbarz will become lord of all Skaven! Even council of thirteen will kneel before Marsbarz! WHOLE WORLD WILL BOW TO MARSBARZ!

No-one can stop Marsbarz! Marsbarz is best of all!

GOAL A: Scour the site of Bloodfist’s fall and harness the power that led to his death, thus becoming king of the known universe

GOAL B: Ensure no other Skaven generals survive the campaign


Defeated the combined forces of Zennarch and Vin Skizzle ina skirmish in Southern Kislev, where his arch-rival Skizzle was slain.


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