Suarez, the Ever Hungry

Vampire Lord


He comes from across the seas, sailing in a black ship of ancient design. He speaks many languages of the Old World, yet none could know from whence his origins lay. He is the veteran of many a war and many a calamity. He comes with an aura of fell terror surrounding him that is so powerful, a man could hold forth his hand and squeeze the fear out of the very air. He is Suarez, the Ever Hungry.

Great and terrible is his thirst, and he found plenty of opportunities to sake it in the armies of Borax Bloodfist. Suarez made his deal, and joined the terrible force of chaos; but all knew to be careful when siding with Suarez, for whom will his hunger turn upon next? He can trick and seduce and beguile, and the foul aura of his degenerate spirit can corrupt and darken the strongest mind.

When the great cataclysm came, Suarez was unperturbed. What cared he for the failure – he had filled his gut with blood, and that alone was of satisfaction to him. But Kislev was far to the north, a long way from warmer southern lands, replete with the blood of dainty Elven maidens….

Suarez has the rarefied tastes of one who has been a noblemen for long past a millennia of years, and he has no wish to embark on a long journey through the northern winter, surrounded by the scattered foes of the great Crusade, and his equally dangerous former allies. Better for Suarez to find a friendly resting point, a place where he and his retinue of the undead can wait out the long winter in relative comfort, surrounded by warm and tasty flesh and blood.

GOAL A: To capture – and hold – a village, or a castle, or a fort, or a place of magic power; anywhere that Suarez can rest awhile in peace.


Suarez, the Ever Hungry

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