Zennach the Blood Dragon

For a gathering of martial prowess, much was promised and much was delivered from the battles in the north. Zennach had brought her armies north to take part not to side with one force or another, but to prove the ability of both herself and the knights under her command. This was a trial by force to see if she was truly worthy of both the dark kiss of her bloodline and the command given to her by the older lords. Result so far had been… mixed but with the fracturing of the alliances opportunities have increased tenfold and hunting down worthwhile targets has become much easier. Defeating them however not so much but from each fight more is learnt and even in defeat bodies are plentiful in this area and losses are replaced easily, the necromancers are overjoyed at the lingering amount of death magic that flows around the area and whilst preferring steel to magic Zennach can still feel the pull of the energies that flit around the area. Perhaps then it is these magical energies that keep drawing people to the area all the better for furthering her goals. Her spies and scouts are constantly relaying to her the details of powerful opponents to meet in battle and whilst defeating them and bloodying her troops is a worthwhile cause, she herself has a darker plan, the interclan politics of the bloodlines are forever shifting and for one so recently brought into the line, her position is precarious at best. Best then to solidify her position as much as possible and for that allies are required. Unwaveringly loyal allies by preference, vassals if you will, and thankfully due to her heritage that can be assured though only the strongest are worthy as anything less will be seen as weakness by the other vampires and would see her ambitions ruthlessly crushed. She has heard of several suitable candidates in the area: an Elven lord and a cadre of Ogres particularly, however there are also those that would be wholly unsuitable such as the powerful unliving from the far south and there is even talk of another Vampire lord in the area. Best then that these are sought out and destroyed quickly – a fitting challenge for her forces and pleasing to her superiors. With all this in mind there is much to do.

First goal: Have members of the Blood Dragon line defeat as many heroes as possible. The more powerful the better, especially ones she would be unable to bind to her will.

Second goal: Bring any suitable fallen heroes into the bloodline.

Third goal: Harvest as much of the dark energy of the area for the necromancers to bolster her forces.


Zennach the Blood Dragon

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