Battles 1- 4 Updates!

Bloody battles: bodies begin to pile up

Game 1. Septicimius and Grandfather Drowner vs Suarez and Krovich in The Ogham Stones

The magic circle that enabled Septicimius and the Bloatfather to enter the world may be a useful source of power for many of the scattered generals of Bloodfist’s army. Chaos reigns as Grandfather Drowner, Septicimius, Suarez and Krovich make temporary alliances in an attempt to seize it.


Result: Septicimius and Grandfather Drowner make a pact and hold the stones. Grandfather Drowner claps Krovich in chains, while Suarez is staked, behaded and burned.

Game 2. Heroes’ from Ulan the Red and Yehudi‘s army play the role of The Magnificent Seven against a Vampire from Gustav’s force

Scouts from Ulan the Red and Yehudi’s army find each other in a small hamlet. But as they break bread, a Vampire sent by Gustav arrives with a horde of undead to take heads….


Result: Yehudi’s standard bearer alone survives and drives off the attack.

Game 3. Septicimius and Bubonicus vs Ulan and Scunforp in Ambush

Ulan, his scouts not returned, hires the craven goblin Scunthorpe to lead his army south; Scunforp also wants to get away from the site of Bloodfist’s end. But the Chaos loyalists Septicimius and Bubonicus, spying a foe and a traitor, set an ambush.


Result: The ambush is repelled and Septicimius is annihilated and sent back to the warp.

Game 4. Vin Skizzle and Zennarch vs Marzbarz and La Viet play The Messengers

Zennarch finds Vin Skizzle, who cowers from the offer of a duel and instead suggests he can lead him to other Generals. Elsewhere, Marzbarz has met up with his ally from Bloodfist’s army, La Viet. The two Skaven Warlords have already been tracking each other to settle their rivalry and come across each other; but each only with a small travelling retinue. Both promptly decide they are understaffed to take a victory; both send Messengers to call for aid from their main camp to win the fight.


Result: Marzbarz and La Viet get their Messengers through and Zennarch ’s army has to scatter to survive. Vin Skizzle is slain; Marzbarz believes he is triumphant. But already another Vin Skizzl e is ready to roll off the production line..

The battlefield now stands thus:



Luke_Passingham Luke_Passingham

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